OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption

Device Trust. With OMEMO you no longer trust user identities but device identities. If you are communicating with a contact for the first time or if that contact recently got a new device, you will be presented with a fingerprint for that device.‎


OMEMO - Wikipedia

OMEMO is an extension to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, "Jabber") for multi-client end-to-end encryption developed by Andreas Straub. According to Straub, OMEMO uses the Double Ratchet Algorithm "to provide multi-end to multi-end encryption, allowing messages to be synchronized securely across multiple clients, even if some of them are offline".‎


Are we OMEMO yet? | Tracking the progress of …

Tracking the progress of OMEMO integration in XMPP clients. View on GitHub. This list displays the progress of OMEMO integration in various XMPP clients. If you cannot find your favourite client in here, please send a pull request.‎


Download Omemo for Windows 10,7,8.1/8 (64/32 …

Visit Omemo site and Download Omemo Latest Version! Files which can be opened by Omemo. To learn what file types can be opened by Omemo please visit monitors and provides timely updates for its database in order to have up-to-date information and the latest programs for opening any file types at all times.‎



29.12.2018 · python-omemo A Python implementation of the OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption protocol. This python library offers an open implementation of the OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption protocol as specified here.‎


XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption - XMPP Main

If the OMEMO element contains a <payload>, it is an OMEMO message element. The client tries to decrypt the base64 encoded contents using the key and the authentication tag extracted from the <key> element. If the decryption fails, the client MUST silently discard the OMEMO message.‎


ChatSecure v4.0 - OMEMO and Signal Protocol — …

ChatSecure v4.0 - OMEMO and Signal Protocol ChatSecure v4.0 - OMEMO and Signal Protocol. We’re excited to announce the release of ChatSecure v4.0, our largest step forward in usability since the addition of push messaging six months ago.‎

XMPP/Jabber vs. Signal Metadata

Jan 1, 2019

Hello Privacy community! &amp;#x200B; I was wondering what theoretically reveals more metadata. XMPP or Signal? &amp;#x200B; Im using []( \+ OMEMO at the moment vs SignalApp both downloaded from the Play store. (I know using F-Droid would be better) &amp;#x200B; Any thoughts on this? I'd really welcome them! Happy new year![...]/abcx45/xmppjabber_vs_signal_metadata/‎


OMEMO - Daniel Gultsch

OMEMO. Daniel Gultsch. December 8th 2016 @ XMPP Security Meetup London. Crypto features. Forwared secrecy; Authenticity (Deniability) Security in general and end-to-end encryption in particular is always a tradeoff.‎

OMEMO is great, but doesn't have a proper implementation for desktop.

Aug 21, 2019

That's why many people still use OTR. What's the solution?[...]emo_is_great_but_doesnt_have_a_proper/‎


omemo (@omemo7) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from omemo (@omemo7). 万代書店&鑑定団&倉庫の全国制覇を目指すブログの管理人です。 ・お宝 ...‎

Good XMPP Clients and Servers?

Jul 9, 2019

What are some good open-source, privacy focused XMPP Clients? I am new to XMPP but if I like it I will create a Server, and I would also like to know what server software should I use?[...]/cavyiv/good_xmpp_clients_and_servers/‎

Monal vs ChatSecure - What’s best for OMEMO?

Aug 14, 2019

I’m trying to pick an XMPP client for iOS, specifically one with the best encryption support (OMEMO, OpenPGP, etc) but I’m getting conflicting information on which client is best. According to Conversations (the creators of OMEMO) [ChatSecure is the recommended client]( for iOS, whereas according to Are We OMEMO Yet? [Monal has further progress on OMEMO]( support than ChatSecure. Which do I chose?[...]al_vs_chatsecure_whats_best_for_omemo/‎

Android XMPP clients that support OMEMO and are on F-Droid

Jun 22, 2019

There are what seems to be a hundred XMPP/ Jabber clients on F-Droid and I'm not sure what to choose. What do you guys use and why? Thanks[...]pp_clients_that_support_omemo_and_are/‎


GitHub - gkdr/lurch: XEP-0384: OMEMO

20.04.2018 · lurch 0.6.8 /lʊʁç/. In German, an Axolotl is a type of Lurch, which simply means 'amphibian'. This plugin brings Axolotl, by now renamed to double ratchet, to libpurple applications such as Pidgin by implementing the XEP-0384: OMEMO Encryption.‎


GitHub - omemo/gajim-omemo: Gajim plugin for OMEMO Multi-End ...

Gajim plugin for OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption - omemo/gajim-omemo. Gajim plugin for OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryption - omemo/gajim-omemo.‎

Signal, Wire, XAMP client app, which is the best in terms of security and privacy?

Jun 14, 2019

I do not know which is the best chat app. In terms of security and privacy. Please tell us Windows, iMac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web! !I heard that Signal uses AWS and Wire collects metadate.[...]_xamp_client_app_which_is_the_best_in/‎



Public Document Properties Client Paci c Research Alliance Title OMEMO: Cryptographic Analysis Report Version V1.0 Author Sebastian Verschoor Reviewed by Melanie Rieback‎

Signal and apps (Conversations, Siskin IM etc.) Which one is safer?

Jul 12, 2019

I am wondering which message app to use. With emphasis on security and privacy. Since Signal requires a phone number, I will use the phone number generated by NextPlus etc. instead of the host phone number. Which is safer compared to the app? Snowden uses Signal,[...]_jmpchat_apps_conversations_siskin_im/‎


Okemo Mountain

Okemo is the Northeast’s premier family mountain resort. Nestled in the rolling Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, Okemo is the most convenient and comfortable destination to experience Vermont’s great outdoors year round.‎

What would be the best app, from a privacy perspective, for protestors to use to organize?

Aug 15, 2019

Purely hypothetical, but y'all here tend to know the safest apps and communication methods to use for probably and I've never heard of most of them. I was reading this article - - which talked about how in Hong Kong the government found and arrested the manager of a Telegram chat group because the group chats don't have the same privacy protections. What would have prevented that?[...]_would_be_the_best_app_from_a_privacy/‎

Slixmpp gets OMEMO support

Feb 25, 2019‎

Signal and the US

May 30, 2019

How can we be so sure about the US not imposing any forced backdoors on Signal Messenger? Signal's servers are hosted in the US. And I read somewhere that encrypted applications or services operating inside US need to comply with certain regulations and enable some way for the authorities to break the encryption. Just think about it yourself. An encrypted messaging service like Signal can be used by terrorist and the government knows about it. How can NSA, CIA or the FBI can allow it's use in t...‎

Help with understanding XMPP + Jabber disadvantages

Jun 4, 2019

Hello everyone, I've been doing some research to find out the best instant messenger that would suit my needs, so far I think XMPP + OTR on Pidgen in Tails seems like a good option, but before going ahead and using it I would really appriciate it if someone helps me with the following 1. Can the XMPP server admin still see my contacts and who I chat with even when OTR is configured properly? 2. Could other XMPP servers used to dliver my messages see my contacts? 3. Could other XMPP servers used...[...]derstanding_xmpp_jabber_disadvantages/‎

XMPP vs Matrix - What should I use?

Apr 5, 2019

I've tried XMPP via Conversations and Matrix via Riot. So far I like Riot because of all the extra features and because of how visually appealing it is. But from what I understand, XMPP+OTR is superior to Matrix in regards to security, anonymity, and encryption. What would you guys recommend?[...]va0b/xmpp_vs_matrix_what_should_i_use/‎

Riot's UI makes encryption look scary, discouraging people from using it.

Nov 2, 2018

I compiled an album of the "warnings" you are shown when you start an encrypted conversation with another Matrix user: # Matrix dark patterns that discourage encryption * Encryption is hidden at the bottom of the third tab of the room configuration * There is a warning next to the option to turn it on * If you flip the switch, you're presented with a multiple paragraph warning dialog * Before anyone sends a message, they are warned about unverified devices * You ca...[...]es_encryption_look_scary_discouraging/‎

Trustworthy and secure XMPP/Jabber servers?

Sep 19, 2018

As a newbie to the Conversations messenger, I'm curious to know which are some of the XMPP/Jabber servers that you would consider actually trustworthy and secure (OMEMO encryption support, hashed passwords, storage of data/metadata, etc)? []( and []( both have plenty of choices but I'd like to know your opinions and choices. :)[...]tworthy_and_secure_xmppjabber_servers/‎

Shaking Hands with OMEMO: X3DH

Apr 5, 2019[...]/b9pv5c/shaking_hands_with_omemo_x3dh/‎

Are there any trusting Distributed,end to end encrypted Audio and Messaging apps for android?

Jan 15, 2019

I want the app to keep no logs,so that no metadata will be given to the company and, everything should be downloaded in my android phone/pc. The ones i know are. Tox ( I don't know if it's secure enough) Jami (don't know much about it either,but i think the app sends metadata) Jitsi (which is still in beta,i dont know if we can trust it), Signal keeps many information when signing in. Ricochet is the best for PC but has no android version Wire sends metadata,and please don't ask m...[...]re_any_trusting_distributedend_to_end/‎

Monal iOS and MacOS released with OMEMO

Feb 5, 2019

Monal has been updated in the mac app store with OMEMO support. Monal for iOS has also been updated with the same code: The mac client is the only native macOS client with OMEMO support.[...]nal_ios_and_macos_released_with_omemo/‎

Monal adds OMEMO support

Jun 28, 2018‎

Can you use OMEMO Encryption across two different XMPP servers?

Nov 18, 2018

Quick question... I am running 2 Prosody XMPP servers and can communicate between them, but **not** with OMEMO encryption enabled. My client (Conversations) hangs at "Fetching Keys" and I'm never able to authenticate. Should I be able to use OMEMO across two different Prosody XMPP servers? Or does each user have to be on the same server to use OMEMO?[...]omemo_encryption_across_two_different/‎

Self-hosting Signal?

Oct 12, 2018

I am trying to self-host Signal without success. I have been searching for fixes, but none worked. Could someone link me a guide or something that could help me with it?‎

XMPP questions/help

Sep 12, 2018

Hello, A friend and I are trying to switch from Google to XMPP. We made accounts and everything is working fine with Pidgin + OTR. We're now trying to get Conversations set up and it seems like only OMEMO is an option. The app wants us to scan a bar code, which neither of us can find. I can locate the fingerprint but not a barcode. When they send me a message on Conversations it shows up in my Pidgin. Is the issue that we're using OTR and OMEMO? I'm new to XMPP and really need some help to ...‎


Dec 21, 2018

Hello, I'm looking for a simple XMPP command-line interface that I can use in scripts. I've found `sendxmpp` already, but it's so temperamental - I keep having to change the arguments around to get it keep working - and recently it's stopped working altogether? Does anyone know of a simple CLI (for Linux please) I can use in scripts to send XMPP messages? It seems completely ridiculous that such a thing doesn't exist :-/‎

Is Kontalk rolling their own crypto?

Jan 9, 2019

I looked around a little bit for what Kontalk has created for encrypting their messages, but without getting into the source code I haven't found much. From [their GitHub]( &gt;Current encryption method is a custom extension we developed when end-to-end specificiations were a bit sparse and experimental. &gt;We will soon switch to the new [XEP-0374]( being evaluated these days by the XSF. ...[...]k/is_kontalk_rolling_their_own_crypto/‎